We Are Overwhelmed By Your Responses

The game was in jeopardy for lack  of a venue this week but each and every one of us came through, in our own way, in an outpouring of half-hearted support.

"You're all welcome up here, as always," Art of the Deal dials in on the party line, "but the stagecoach only runs every three hours."

"Don't press your luck," tweets the Jayman, "bad as it was last week."

You Can Always Count On Mike F.

Dr. M. Foxman has just returned from a piscatory expedition bearing a jar of anchovies, an Arctic char (purchased at Pisacano's on South Broadway) and a song he learned around the campfire whilst downing Utica Clubs with the boys. It is called the Boogaloo Song, and here's a film of him singing it with his fishing pals. …

How To Address Your Cards

Old time Cronies know that every year about this time we play the "Can You Find The Slightly Butchered and Lightly Buried Obscure Leonard Cohan Lyric" game. This year's winner is D. Stein, Esq., breaking Babaloo W.'s string of five consecutive victories. D. correctly traced the phrase, "Bixby is building a moat in the desert (where's he playing for nothing now; I hope he's keeping some kind of record)

Sixes Are Wild If You Have a Queen of Diamonds

P. Wolf did not take last week off from Tower Ridge Poker Cronies, even if he was not at the game. He was esconsced in his home office working out the details of a delightful new game dubbed "Wild Sexy Six Lady (Not a Ho) in the Sky With Diamonds" that he has asked me to preview for you so as "not to waste precious time that could otherwise be spent separating P. …

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