Focus! (But I Digress)

What a bunch of jamokes. I've never seen such knuckle-headed play in all my years of sniveling. I mean, even in the midst of finding out by cell- phone communication that my third-born had mistaken a pack of Bubblicious for a laundry product and placed it in the dryer with the wife's cashmere sweaters, I could see the opportunity to BLUFF — an opportunity than only arises three, maybe four, times a year in our game — right before my disbelieving peepers. …

A Seat at the Table

That's all we want, right? A chance. An opportunity. Five bucks worth of chips (unless you're P. Wolf; in that case, ten). A seat at the table. And there may be plenty tomorrow.

Geoff "Slow Play B---" S. may or may not be slow-circling Newark.

Mike B. may or may not still be on the mountaintip listening to "

Classic Snit Fits We Have Known

Classic Snit Fits We Have Known

Don't know if you've seen this video or not, but it reminded me of the classic pissing matches at our table between the legendary Batman and the iconic Foxman concerning Sexy Sixes, in particular, and Yoogs, Micks and Rogers in general. Not to mention Ladies.

I'm Just Saying, Where Were Youze Guys Saturday Night?

I'm Just Saying, Where Were Youze Guys Saturday Night?

Police Hunt Men Who Robbed Berlin Poker Tourney

German police said six men remained at large after they allegedly stole the precise amount of $115,115.15 after storming a poker tournament in Berlin Saturday and making their getaway through a crowded shopping center whilst singing an English song with lyrics that sounded like L. …

P. Wolf, Outfoxed by a Visitor, Will Host

So P. Wolf was hanging out at the corner of Whitman and Main today when this fresh-face chap walks by looking a little dazed. 

"You look like a native," he says to P, who responds with an inscrutable tilt of the head. "I only give directions once a day," he says. "And then only if you grovel."

"I'm from out of town and I was just wondering if you can you tell me where Slices Pizza is?"
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