The Post Man Always Dings, 'You've Got Mail'

Did you guys and gals get the same piece of spam I received at all 22 of my email addresses this morning? I suspect George C. is the culprit. It's got his cadence:

Federal Bureau of Investigation 
(FBI) Headquarters Washington D.C.
J. Edgar Hoover Building 
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, 
NW Washington, D.C. 20535-0001 

Your Attention Please, Ladies And Gentleman ...

Please direct your attention to the stacks of chips awaiting your presence at 40 Southgate Ave. and join us in welcoming back Our Favorite (High-Only) Grecian to The House That Carl Built.

'Tosca' Revised

It has been a while since we've seen John "The X Man" X. (pictured below right) in these here parts, and we may, or may not, see him Wednesday.

Here's the latest update, issued from X's iPhone: "A friend of mine is trying to get me a pair of ducats to the Met. I'll know today if it's tue or wed, and will be in HoH if not wed."

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