Everybody's a Writer Nowadays

Wow. What a creative crew. Good thing I'm studying for my personal trainer certification because the competition in the writing field is getting wicked out there. Among the articles published  by our brothers in the last week alone:

"The Insidious Idiocy, Pernicious Influence and Noxious Impact Of Excessive 7/27 Playing on a Friendly Neighborhood Card Game" in the Journal of Half-Assed Epidemiology by P. Arno, Ph.D.

"A Monograph of the Evolution of the Abe Stark 'Hit Sign, Win Suit' Sign in Ebbets Field With Particular Attention To Peeling Paint" in the Online Compendium of Trivial Trivia by P. Wolf, Esq.

"What's the Bet? How Did It Get There? Uh-Oh, Thom Went 30? Who Do You Think Will Win American Idol? Is It a 6-4? I Drop!" in Advanced Cardplaying: the Magazine of the Boston Association of Red and Black by A. Lowenstein, Esq.

"How To Hustle Penguins In Omaha: Getting a Game Going When You Find Yourself in the Most Unlikely of Environments" in Martha Stewart's Chocolate Chip Cookie Digest by M. Bucuvalas, Ph.D. Ret. 

"Creating Natural Alternative Discomfort for Your Patient: Using Moosecock, Mousecock, Aces and Eights And Other Annoying Games To Mitigate the Pain of Root Canal" in the Annual Report of the Society of Alternative Dental Torture, M. Foxman, DDS

Please let me know about your own efforts and we'll to be sure get the word out (unless you're Jason).

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