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Tell Jeffers To Go Away

Nearing the Half Life

I suggested the other early morning that I never write on paper anymore except to take a note (or make a shopping list) in my pocket notebook. That's not true, I realized this morning, as I woke up with something in my head and reached for another notebook I keep by the bed. Alas, it has not made it's way back from my office, where I'd transcribed into a Tinderbox folder a few harebrained ideas and schemes that may someday make it into one of my magnum opuses, "Confessions of an Overambitious Underachiever," which, of course, will never get finished. …

Just Don't Ask Me What A Scrum Is

Most everything you need to know about Duncan Forbes as an athlete is in this 13-second clip, accordingly to his thoroughly biased father, even though there's no great triumph involved here.  He's set up, eyes intently on the ball. He goes for the tackle. The guy who had the ball passes before Duncan gets there and takes Duncan out instead.  Duncan does a roll and pops right back up for the next hit. In short, he respects the game, whatever it is, and plays it all-out.


Deirdre is attending a conference on addiction and families in Rockville, MD, so I found myself traveling alone to Cortland tonight to see Duncan play club rugby against arch-rival Ithaca College tomorrow. After years of watching him play baseball and soccer, on the sidelines and as a coach, I'm thrilled to be watching him compete again. I haven't seen him on the field since  Hastings High School lost a heartbreaker baseball sectional championship game two springs ago.

As I was driving up, enjoying the freedom to turn Van Morrison up full blast on Route 17, it occurred to me that a process 27 years in the making (for it has been that long since I first wrote for "vidotex")  came to fruition as I packed this afternoon.

Hudson River, March 19

Hudson River, March 19

Just took a walk/run with Sadie to the Hudson and played around with the new Canon some more.

Money May Not Grow on Trees ...

Money May Not Grow on Trees ...

but this morning, at my next-door neighbor's house, the financial news seemed to.

My Love-Hate Affair With Canon

Chop Licking

After a lot of research, I settled on a Canon PowerShot SD870 as my combined Christmas/birthday (12/26, sympathy PayPal donations accepted) present for 2007. It cost $296 plus shipping. Within days, the lens failed to retract and I exchanged it for a new unit through Amazon, from whence it had come. No problem with that; as usual, Amazon blew me away with its seamless customer service.

Over the course of the next year, I sent the new camera back to Canon for the same repair two more times. I also sent back a less-expensive model I'd bought for my daughter with the same complaint. …

Of Crocuses and a Tufted Titmouse

Some reflections after a walk with Louise Hubbard on the Rowley's Bridge and Quarry trails today.

Need More Be Said?

I tweet, therefore I R.

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