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The WInd Always Screams at Me Here

Rocky the garbage man 

said there was no air

down by the river

and he waved his hand

across his face

as if he were shooing away


that had ever oppressed him.

Then Rocky asked

how my team had done 

in the morning ball games,

taking an awkward uppercut

with his hands flying off

an imaginary bat handle.

Rocky observes a lot more

than he feels

he can articulate.

Rocky was wrong.

I sat on the rocks on the promontory

facing south

and the wind came

as it always does 

when I'm here.


Down By the River

Down By the River

Now matter how many times I've taken this 10-minute walk from my home, I always see something new or see old things in a new light. Today, i was surprised to see the trail bike in the water ("Off Track," below) amidst the pilings that used to run alongside the ruins of a five-masted schooner, The Buccaneer, that was used as a breakwater before it wa set afire in 1990. Because of the low tide, I was able to get closer to the pilings than usual. When I turned around, I saw the makeshift 9/11 memorial painted on a rock. …

Back When I Saw the Future

I just had reason to look back on a book proposal I wrote in December, 1990, three years before the graphical Web, called "I Have Seen the Future and It Is Nintendo (But Who Killed the Daily News?)"  The phrase "Daily News" was both a look at the ever-so-slow death of New York's Picture Newspaper and a metaphor for print newspapers in general, but I won't bore you recounting what we've all seen happening. I will, however, paste a paragraph that probably seems more prescient than it really is because I know I'm more of an early adapter than an original thinker:

The Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks

About 15 years ago, I wrote a profile about August “Augie” Turak, a successful sales executive who had a proclivity for soaking in wisdom from anyone with anything perceptive to share, from his mentor, IBM’s legendary Lou Mobley, to a New York cab driver. Since then, Augie has drawn much wisdom from regular treks to Mepkin Abbey, a Trappist monastery in Moncks Corner, S.C. And along the way, he has found that the monastery's business model can be universally applied with impressive results. 

Forbes has adapted a white paper Turak wrote about his experiences with the monks -- “Service and Selflessness: A 1,500 Year-old Management Paradigm” -- into

I Saw Ray Davies on Austin City Limits Tonight

I want to tour with Feist 

and shoot pool with Van Morrison

I want to play bongos behind Rickie Lee

and scat with Ray Charles.

I want to jam with Brian Wilson 

and tell Jagger to fuck off, mate.

I want to be reincarnated 

as a troubadour.

A Dylan, 

reluctant in my genius

A Waits, 

guffawing at my fame

A Cohen, 

transcending my gift

(until I’m broke).

But when I sing, 

I disturb the atmosphere

Like the rasp of a …

The drone of a …

The atonal mash of a …

I still can play

“A Well Respected Man”

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