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Ah, Spring

Right Here, Right Now

Perfect (even if the Yanks lose)

Geese and Goslings; Tug and Barge

Sunset, 5/14/10 (expanded view)

American Incongruity

An express train
raced through today
with the names
of dead luminaries
painted on the sides
of its passenger cars.

P.T. Barnum
was hitched to
Sojourner Truth.


It's not that nothing has happened since my last post in January. I did earn my certification as a personal trainer from NASM. I am in the process of building Recovering Your Body as a website, a business with a mission (or is it a mission as a business?), and a column for a new magazine for people in recovery, Renew. I am talking with some extraordinary people — partners and colleagues and people who are just helping me out — in the process of doing so. I'll be writing more about all this as things develop over the summer. …

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