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Forbes on the Assist

Forbes to Jumanji

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Preparing to Engage

You Can't Do This in Soccer

Okay, it's not Cousy to Russell, Magic to Kareem, Frazier to Reed, West to Chamberlain, Parker to Duncan, MJ to MJ or, as the ageless Robert "Solid" Gold would have it, Gold to Roth. But Forbes to Jumanji has a nice ring to it, no?

Keep your eye on No. 8, Duncan Forbes (left and in larger format here), as he picks up a loose ball, deviously sprawls to the ground and squirts it out to Jumanji, who scores en route to Cortland's 50 - 9 thrashing of the Le Moyne Koonducks (you can't make this stuff up) last Saturday. 

Forbes To Jumanji

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