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Put Your Mind Where Your Body Is

If I weren't so absent-minded, I probably would have made a good absent-minded professor. It's not that I would not have completed my dissertation like so many others. I would not have figured out what field it should be in in the first place (although quite a few would have been eliminated by natural selection). 

But I digress. Which is the point.

My thoughts tend to wander; My attention is easily nabbed; I am frequently accused by my family of leaving "ummms" in the air; and many a story I tell begins about the third paragraph because I forget that you, the listener, haven't been in my head for the set-up grafs.

Spillage Or, A 'X@fS Nuts!' Situation Ain't Necessarily All That Bad Or, Brian Murphy For Hire For Interior Painting This Winter

In Progress

Contact Brian here. Some trim work remains , as does work on the back and other side, but the house has been rejuvenated and will be completed within the month.

We are painting the house. Well, that's a gross misuse of the royal "we." We are actually paying to have the house painted. Brian Murphy, one of our daughter's friends, is doing the job, and he's doing it quite well. Neighbors ooh and ahh. He's too modest to say "thank you." Instead he tells them that "Mr. and Mrs. Forbes picked nice colors."

I basically have one task beside paying Brian's quite reasonable fee and occasionally reminding him that winter is fast approaching and he need not obsess too much that the trim be absolutely perfect. …

On a Soldier's Suicide

Deirdre had a moving letter about a young soldier's suicide published in the Journal News yesterday. Here it is for when the link disappears behind a pay-only archive:

U.S. soldier's death strikes a chord

Sometimes I turn the page in the newspaper without reading past the headline. But today, something compelled me to read about Army Pvt. Keiffer Wilhelm, 19, of Plymouth, Ohio. Maybe his unusual name intrigued me. Maybe it was his age, a year younger than my only son, who I just watched play rugby for his college team, so alive and vital.

The Hudson

The river has been my soulmate for neatly 50 years. To celebrate it, I've created a new section on the site at http://tforbes.com/the_hudson/.

Harlem Valley Rail Trail

Deirdre and I took a leisurely 16-mile bike ride on the Harlem Valley Rail Trail from Millerton to Amenia Station in Dutchess County and back last Sunday, October 11. It had been about a decade since we'd last ridden together, as Deirdre pointed out as she was trying to put on a rather dysfunctional helmet at the trailhead before we set out. A fellow who heard her later passed us near Amenia Station and shouted, "Not bad for 10 years."

Truth is, neither of us had probably ever biked 16 miles -- and even if that's the point where serious bikers are just getting started, and even it was flat and paved and free of vehicles, and even if we were a bit saddle sore at the end, it's nice to be setting new standards to top in our 57th year.

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