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Hike at Blue Mountain Reservation

Bruce, Paco, Oliver and I took a 6.7-mile hike around the perimeter of Blue Mountain Reserve in Peekskill on an unseasonably warm day Monday. The Westchester park is known as one of the premier mountain biking areas in the region but we only saw one cyclist on this weekday morning jaunt.

So what exactly do we do as we trek through the woods? Well, if we were expending any money, it would certainly be as legitimately deductible as a lunch at the Four Seasons, I submit, and offer this video as proof

It's All Happening at the ...

Bronx Zoo, of course. The ladies had to work the day after Thanksgiving, and Lili Simone's day care provider, Lynda, took the day off. I decided to call upon our four-legged friends to help me keep LS entertained; she was, perhaps, even more taken by the hordes of people milling about on a very nice, late autumn day. I do know this: It is a day I shall never forget.

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