At Play At Work

I have been maneuvering my career into a converging direction with much of the rest of my life for several months now. The first public manifestation of this is a Twitter feed, playgruntlaugh, which I launched yesterday. It will reflect my love of playing games, working out, cooking healthy foods, eating well, and having fun. A website and community will follow by spring.

Becoming and staying fit demands desire and discipline.  That's the grunt part. But it need not be — it should not be — drudgery. That's where play and laugh come in. Keeping in shape often comes down to finding the right activity and the right group of comrades with whom you can share your ups and downs. I hope these venues will be one of the places you'll feel comfortable doing that.

I also intend to make fitness — particularly the idea of "recovering your body" — a main focus of my freelance writing. I am studying for certification by the National Academy of Sports Medicine  as a personal trainer. Halfway through the NASM's textbook, I realize how misguided and haphazard so many of my attempts to "get into shape" have been over the years. No wonder they have been so short-lived and half-baked. The more I know, the better I'll  be able to cover the field as well as coach others, which I've always enjoyed, both face-to-face and online.

I've got some pretty exciting ideas and features in mind, but rather than blather on here, I'll let the proof be in the products. For now, please join me on the playgruntlaugh Twitter feed, where I'll mostly be passing along links to the best of the dozens of articles, blog posts, YouTube how-to videos, healthy recipes and assorted flotsam that I come across each day.

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