Reflections on the Lake


It was a glorious autumn Sunday on Lake Celeste yesterday. 

Around noon, Sadie the Pit Bull and I did a 4.2 mile jog up hill and down dale on Old Albany Post Road, which is dirt, in my new Virbram FiveFingers KSOs (see photo left). Landing on a few sharp stones convinced me to order the KSO Trex with thicker soles for future off-road jogs and treks. But running  on the balls of my feet instead of my heels seems to have alleviated the pain I was feeling in my hip sockets, particularly when running up steep hills. 

I also played racquetball in the Vibrams twice last week. The jury is still out — that floor is hard when you're racing in to the front wall and I initially thought I wasn't planting as firmly on serves and kill shots — but I'm leaning toward using them all the time. Besides, they certainly distract the opposition. This is how we were meant to walk and chase game through the savannah. I don't know if cavemen — and women, Maria and Angie — played a version of racquetball, however.

They're great for general exercise or just walking around in. Custom orthotics helped repair a bad case of plantar fasciitis I developed from a pair of ill-fitting racquetball shoes about 18 months ago but if I were wearing these, I don't think I would have developed it in the first place. 

After the jog, I walked down to the lakeside and did my seven-move variation on The Five Tibetans, a yoga routine that I promise myself I will do much more frequently than I actually do it. It's funny how elusive 15 minutes of time can be sometimes. I always feel great afterwards and, as I stood in tree pose (one of my additions to the routine) when I was done, I noticed hawks circling above, ducks skedaddling to the northern shoreline and leaves intermittently dropping on the surface of the lake like drops of rain.

I ran to the house for my camera, hoping to catch a hawk diving for prey, or a leaf just as it touched the surface of the water, or a close up of the ducks' wakes dappling in the sunlight. I failed at that, but I did capture some impressionistic images that are what they are and are fine at being just that. As was I.

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