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Forbes to Jumanji

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You Can't Do This in Soccer

Okay, it's not Cousy to Russell, Magic to Kareem, Frazier to Reed, West to Chamberlain, Parker to Duncan, MJ to MJ or, as the ageless Robert "Solid" Gold would have it, Gold to Roth. But Forbes to Jumanji has a nice ring to it, no?

Keep your eye on No. 8, Duncan Forbes (left and in larger format here), as he picks up a loose ball, deviously sprawls to the ground and squirts it out to Jumanji, who scores en route to Cortland's 50 - 9 thrashing of the Le Moyne Koonducks (you can't make this stuff up) last Saturday. 

Duncan's real prowess, as it has always been, is on the defensive side. But he played a new position last week that put him in the back of the scrum "between the legs of two huge guys." The solution? Tape your ears. By the time he was going up for jump balls (see bottom left), or whatever you call it, the tape was history.

Over the past four years we've watched Duncan make the transition from a very good soccer player and captain of his high school team to a substitute rugby player to, this year, a starter on a team that's 4-0 this fall. There was talk on the sidelines  (among older observers who seemed to know a ruck from a koonduck) about a possible state championship.

Deirdre has a hard time watching all the bloodshed and mayhem and, so, didn't make the road trip to Cortland this time. In the time-honored tradition of photojournalists everywhere, I tolerate the spilling  of guts and gnashing of bones by sticking my face behind the lens of a camera. 

Speaking of which, Deirdre is writing a chapter for a book on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Her focus is on journalists and PTSD. If any former collegues out there are reading this and know of a story or a source, please contact her.

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