Harlem Valley Rail Trail

Deirdre and I took a leisurely 16-mile bike ride on the Harlem Valley Rail Trail from Millerton to Amenia Station in Dutchess County and back last Sunday, October 11. It had been about a decade since we'd last ridden together, as Deirdre pointed out as she was trying to put on a rather dysfunctional helmet at the trailhead before we set out. A fellow who heard her later passed us near Amenia Station and shouted, "Not bad for 10 years."

Truth is, neither of us had probably ever biked 16 miles -- and even if that's the point where serious bikers are just getting started, and even it was flat and paved and free of vehicles, and even if we were a bit saddle sore at the end, it's nice to be setting new standards to top in our 57th year.

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