My Backyards

Lovers at Sunset

I saw a lot of beautiful scenes today, but what could top this?

Today was one of those days that seem beyond words; luckily I had my Canon PowerShot along.

Bruce Bolger, his wife Shawn Sparks, a friend of the family, Solene, who has been visiting from France and interning in Bruce's office, Deirdre, Sadie the pit bull/mountain climber, and I  started out by trekking up Storm King mountain this afternoon. It's  across the Hudson and a tad north of Bull Hill, which Bruce and I climbed a couple of weeks ago.

On the drive up, Bruce remember the inscription of a grave he's come across on a trail in the Hudson Highlands that says:

Ah but for the touch
of a vanished hand.
Or the sound
of a silent voice.

I didn't get it at first because I was thinking that the point of view was that of the deceased person. Must be the influence of a book I'm reading, Fingerprints of God: The Search for the Science of Spirituality. An underlying theme of the book is the similarity of mystical experiences as reported by people who have them: Everything is connencted to everything else and all is exactly as it should be.

If that it indeed the case, I can't imagine someone on the other side of worrying too much about what has been lost given what has been gained. But, pragmatist that I am, I was very grateful to be on this side of experience today, and to have so many of those who are close to me still around to enjoy the day, wherever they were, as well.

When we returned, I headed to the backyard and a few things caught my eye. Then I saw the sun setting on the Hudson, and had to get closer to the action. Then the full moon lit the evening as I headed back toward Maple Ave.

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