Respite in Costa Rica

Deirdre and I hadn't hopped on a plane — just the two of us — and gotten away from it all since before Carrick was born more than 25 years ago. But Deirdre was in desperate need of a vacation and the ship she'd identified for a cruise out of New York Harbor was given a so-so review from a trusted friend. "Find something," was her command just before Thanksgiving. 

So, having heard many positive things about vacations to Costa Rica over the years, I googled same, found JD's Watersports, liked the activities and prices and, within a day or so, had customized a seven-night package, including the auto rental and vouchers for most of the attractions. We booked our own flight, as I found a good deal ($360 each) on an early bird on Continental out of Newark on Dec. 12.

 Some folks we met on the trip has some problems with the directions provided for some of the venues but, running counter to form, we we're never lost for more than a few blocks ourselves and returned in the middle of the snowstorm just after midnight yesterday with nothing but raves for Costa Rica, its engaging people, our accommodations, and the package of diversions from the real world that JD puts together,

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