Teatown Lake and New Croton Dam

We went to Teatown Lake Reservation east of Ossining about 15 years ago, and decided to head back last Saturday, August 15,  for a spin around the lake. The mile and a half trek was just right for the hot and humid weather. For once, Sadie the dog didn't take a day or two to recover.

Instead of reversing tracks and heading straight home, we drove around a little bit and found ourselves on a road with signs that seemed to be sending conflicting messages: Bridge Ahead and Dead End. I had to find out what that was all about, and we were rewarded with the New Croton Reservoir Dam, which is now closed to vehicular traffic but can be crossed by foot (or bike). I stood above the roaring, gushing water and wondered about how many other splendiferous places there are in the region that we've yet to stumble upon.  Many dozens, no doubt.

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