Then the Crows Came

"My son says

the subway doors

are not quite

an E flat

when they close,"

she said.

The man

who tunes pianos

smiled knowingly.

"He will have to learn

to make accommodations",

he said,

"because the world 

is not

in perfect pitch."

Then the crows came.

So bleak.

So scrawny.

Compared to what?

Smaller birds squawk


at their presence.

But they are not hawks.

They perch 

rather than swoop.

They natter and conspire

rather than act.

They are malevolent

not amoral.

Their arrogant caw 

offends me

(though I would not know

an E flat

from the bleat

of that train whistle).

I must learn

to make accommodations.

    Copyright © 2006 - 2017 Thom Forbes, all rights reserved.