Up the Hudson Without a Paddle

i love June. Simply adore it. It is the antithesis of February. "Everything is fresh with promise," Louise Hubbard pointed out to me as we walked the Rowley's Bridge trail Saturday morning. Everything was also overgrown with Japanese knotweed, but let's put that aside.

A flotilla led by a replica of Henry Hudson's Half Moon passed our village Saturday afternoon as part of the quadricentennial celebration of Hudson's original voyage. Other ships included Pete Seeger's Clearwater.

I can't imagine what the natives were thinking as the Half Moon passed. Evan T. Pitchard says the Algonquins had "no word for time." What words could they have had for this ship full of strange- looking men? They might as well as been from Pluto.

Later there was a free concert — part of the "second annual jazz and blues festival" — in our waterfront park. I enjoyed chatting with a number of people, including out new mayor and other volunteers from the recent campaign. My cousin Carolyn Forbes and her husband, Tom Cofino, later joined Deirdre and me and we conspired well into the night.

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