Woodstock 2009

Woodstock, like Carmel,

tries too hard to be 

what it thinks it was.

Dueling Bob Marley posters

and acid rock T shirts

hang off wooden porches on which,

they would like you to imagine,

Joni Mitchell might have written

a tune or two.

But she's long gone.

As Jeffers is from Carmel.

And people like us 

come to gaze

at people like us

who came to graze.

And it's all somehow


so we flee to the mall

on the strip in Kingston

which looks like Central Ave.,


and watch the prequel

to Star Trek,

eat a Subway and soft serve

and are,

at least,

rid of the pretension that

something transcendent

is happening here.

    Copyright © 2006 - 2017 Thom Forbes, all rights reserved.