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Thank you, Jennifer, for posting the ACLU's position paper "Against Drug Prohibition," and to the other members of the forum for their reactions. This is an important discussion.

I was surprised to see that the ACLU piece was dated 1995, which means that some of the information is out of date. …

Lower Level, Grand Central Terminal

It seems wrong.

He follows me into the men's room
and unzips.

I glare at the cracked blue capillaries
in the ghostly porcelain
standing like an open coffin
before my boy's eyes.

Grand Central Terminal

"You're a Hypocrite"

"I thought you'd understand, dad."


"Because when you were a teenager, you went to the woods, too."

"Well, yes, I do understand. And that's why you can't go to the woods."

"You're a hypocrite."

"Dealing with Dealers"

Randy Cohen, who writes "The Ethicist" column for the New York Times Sunday Magazine, responded last week to a readed who asked:

<div class="pullout"> I live in a gentrifying neighborhood. Someone on the block is dealing drugs that, I recently learned, are less benign than I'd assumed; he's dealing crystal meth. …

Phase III

Why are there so many impediments in the way of people who want to kick their habits.

A very close friend of ours is incommunicado in a detox this morning, trying to kick methadone. Because methadone maintenance programs, at least in New York, are geared more toward control more than in reaching the addicts where they're at, our friend has been buying his doses on the street. …

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