Carrick in WDFH-FM

Carrick can be heard in an encore presentation of Recovery Talk on WDFH-FM's webcast at 1:30 PM today (Friday, July 29) and at 8:30 AM Sunday, July 31. Here's the blurb for the program:

On this encore edition of Recovery Talk, meet Carrick Forbes, a 20-year-old Westchester County, NY, native and former heroin addict — just now celebrating her first year in recovery.  Looking as if she stepped from the pages of Vogue, Ms. Forbes talks openly about how unglamorous life on the streets can be, eating from garbage dumpsters, looking for the next fix.  She also shares critical moments of self-discovery, some of which catalyzed her turnaround from addiction.

Robin Leary is the host of Recovery Talk.

Meanwhile, I'm heartened to see that people are visiting, and posting their stories, as heart-wrenching as they are. After being up 'til 3 a.m. yesterday ironing out the technical kinks with Scott, I go to sleep now with a good feeling that we'll actually get a good conversation going. Thanks Paula and Jennifer and TFD for getting the ball rolling.

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