Reachers Achieve ... Again

On May 22, 2008, at 6:52 PM, Kevin Dawkins wrote:

9-3 was the final tally, but the numbers only tell half the tale.

Father time tried his best to no-hit the short-handed and aging stars. But with only nine players, the Reachers exceeded their grasp once again.

The Purple Hamstring award went to Bob Bearnot, hobbled out of the box, but not before gathering three hits and a fistful of flyballs in leftfield. Ed collected three as well and then filled in as the emergency left fielder after Bob went down. Jason pitched a stellar seven innings to go 2-0 on the season. Steve Tilly got two and made the switch to shortstop  in the re-configured array of defenders. Pete held down the hot corner with some nifty picks and had a couple of knocks  as well. Lary hit two and scored two, despite the late inning move from behind the plate to first. Hitting a triple, scoring three times and flinging some leather in centerfield, Arch celebrated his return to the diamond after a three year hiatus, hitting as if he never left. Mark seemingly was on the bases every inning, tearing up the paths as Reacher after Reacher reached first base only to ask for a runner. He finished the night with a solid hit of his own. The manager managed a cheap hit but not much else at the plate, making the third out twice with the bases loaded. He did snare another line drive, only this time at second base.  Geoff Schlaes worked out before the game, hungry for some action, but the medical staff nixed that idea. Nonetheless, he kept everyone well informed of when they could bring their bat to the fray.

When all the dust settled, the Reachers- despite a slew of injuries, new and old - smartly showed there's still more than a little life in their weary bones.

Thom & Robert... the boys did you proud tonight.

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