Reachers Back on Track

 Let's look past Fred's (3 for 3 at leadoff) blast into the left field net, Arch's (2 for 3) fourth consecutive game with a triple, Mike's two sac flies (and a single), Mark's Smith-Valley single to set up the icebreaking run, and a two-hit night (legit) from Pete, Jason, Steve and Thom.

Let's look past Jason's knuckle swerve finding its groove after a night at the Coney Island Carousel.

What really impressed the fans in the stands — both of them — was the crisp fielding. Arch with a dazzling shuffle pass to Steve at second on a ball up the middle (among other stabs). Kevin ending the game with a pick on a short-hopper. Ed tracking down a couple of screaming line drives in right. Pete and Steve turning a key DP. Fred racing in for a line drive. Me tumbling over backwards to pick off a misjudged liner that would have been the ONLY error of the game. And a welcome back to Jim, who kept us churning around third and was one out away from tearing up the pea patch in his final at bat.

Alls I'm saying is I'd be looking over my shoulder if I took the night off. We looked ... groovy.

The final game of the regular season is next Monday at 9 p.m. against a pretty good CASA. Then it's single elimination playoff time. Pete's iffy; Jim's away on business; Rick's on vacation. Mark, Arch, Mike, Robert and Thom are in. What about you?

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