Reachers Win innings 2-7, 4-2

(but lose game 9-4).

Some dazzling plays in the field tonight — including a nicely turned DP at the top of the seventh — were offset by bad hops and seeing-eye singles in the first inning, and we seemed to be drawn to hitting the ball to their shortstop all game, who played suspiciously like Derek Jeter with a grey wig. (Didn't the Yanks play tonight?) 

We did adjust well to the old-guys rules — no contact or sliding except back to the base, running to the plate to the right of home as you approach it, starting with a 1-1 count (with an extra foul ball on the second strike). "Plays nicely with others," in other words. One thing we were not prepared for was the longer distance from the pitching rubber to the plate. It took a bit more patience when hitting, and Robert had to really stretch it out when pitching. He has already called the major carriers and cancelled all of Jason's airline reservations through late August.

NEXT GAME: Next Monday at 7:45. Same place: Rumbrook Upper (which is in GREAT shape, by the way, if you haven't played there recently). We're visitors, so we're on the third-base side. PLEASE LET ME KNOW BY THURSDAY if you you'll be able to make it or not. 

MAKEUP GAME: THURSDAY, MAY 29, 7:45 p.m. This is the game that was cancelled last week.

I am going to be in California from May 17 -28, so will miss the game on Thursday, 5/22, which begins at 7:00 p.m. If you can give me an advance heads-up on your own availability for that game, Robert would much appreciate it. Here's how we've divvied things up: I take the heat; he buys the drinks <g>. Works for me.

Thanks to all; it was a lot of fun. As Ed Lopez said, "what could be better than playing ball under the lights on a Monday night."

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