Su Casa Es Su Casa

Dr. Pangloss took me aside after the game and pointed out that It was a much better performance tonight against Casa than a few of our losses last year. "And look where that got you,'" quoth he. "The bloody bloomin' world champeenship of the Greenburgh Old Times League, that's where! 

"So, you lost 9 to 8," he continued. "Peer always at the bright side." As if I need any nudging in that regard.

First off, Rick "Boom Boom' Bohm hit his first round-tripper of the season en route to a 3 for 3 night. Another one of our big guys, Arch, also had a 3 for 3 evening including one of his patented triples to deep center. Speaking of legalities, Fred smashed one of his trademarked doubles off the fence. Jimmy whacked the cover off the ball twice but right-at-'em (he holds the copyright on that yarn); he then decided to go for a Texas Leaguer only to have the shortstop make an over-the-shoulder grab while clutching a rosary in his throwing hand. 

Wily Jason pitched shutout ball in 4 of 6 frames and, as is his wont, worked two walks. Kevin had a pair of hits, and Lary laced a ribby single in the second. Robert legged out a too-hot-to handle sizzler to third in the final frame. Steve did the same, and earlier dug a relay out of the dirt at first base to complete a double-play. Bob almost tied the game in the top of the seventh but his liner to left was foul by inches. Mark and I connected to no avail; he had  the paint peel off his jersey while coaching third (there's a cosmic message there somewhere). I kept diving like a deranged pelican but came up empty every time.

"Ah, well," Pangloss concluded. "Think of it this way: At least, you're not Ed, sick at home with the bronchitis, biting his nails and text-messaging his teammates for updates every few minutes as he joneses from an evening away from the diamond."

Robert and Lary will be attending graduations out of town next week whilst we play the Men of LaManda's at 7:45. Who amongst you will tilt with me?

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