Big News Tonight, Boys

No, I'm not talking about our game. (i like to think it's not big news when we win big, as we did, but that does seem to be the case this year. So far.) But click here, then scroll down to No. 46. Yep. "Gone Tomorrow," No. 13 in the Jack Reacher oeuvre, is considered to be one of the top "Fifty Books for Our Times" by Newsweek (right between "The Elegance of the Hedgehog" and "Things Fall Apart, " which I don't think has nothing to do with our sophomore jinx). 

Anyway, back to the game. Just when it looked like we we might as well spend our Monday nights discussing Jack Reacher, we had ourself a laughter  –  so much so that I was channeling the young Markist Smith and asking Rick Bohm to be gracious to the proletariat and stop stretching dropped infield pop-ups into three-baggers with a 10-run lead. And I got compliance, indeed. Mike grounded into a double play that very inning, mitigating his stellar play at short and other hits. Jason looked at a called strike three the next inning, proving his humanity. Steve, after a flawless game at first, lost a pop purposely "in the lights," in the last frame. Jimmy saved his tape-measure shot over the fence for pre-game batting practice, and limited himself to three singles in the game. Fred, too, was cooperative and only went 3-5. And I truly led the way by hitting anemic shots all night, although they were routinely botched by the opposition's fielders. If fact, although I was called out on an infield fly, both runners advanced.  I'll try to do worse next time. Pete would not cooperate, however. He set LaManda's up by not-snaring a line drive early in the game, then made a grab of a hot shot to his right and doubled the runner off first to end the game. And the book tells me he went 4 for 4.

Finally, there's Robert "Solid" Gold, the Satchell Paige of over-[censored] softball (famous for his quip, "Don't look online, someone may be emailing you"). He could not restrain himself. First, he comes into a mop-up role in the fourth inning and sets the tone by striking out the first batter with a blazing 29 m.p.h. fastball, then he winds up 3 for 4 and only gives up one run in three innings of walk-less hurling. Good thing he's got nine years left on his contract. The final tally: 15 - 4.

Correct me if I'm wrong or you're missing from the following, but here's the team I believe will be going into battle against the Greenwich Greys next Monday, 7/6,  at 9:

In: Flaherty, Forbes, Gold, Greiner, Linkowski, Lopez, Pezzuto, Roif, Tilly, Wertz

Not Heard From Yet: Bearnot

Out: Bohm, Dawkins, Puritz, Smith

Happy Fourth!

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