We sauntered off to an early 7-1 lead last night, but our bats turned to parasols (well, I'm speaking for myself) as we prematurely strolled down Victory Lane. Moretrench scored five runs in the sixth and seventh, but left the tying run dancing off third when Kevin snared a hot shot off Charlie's bat and won a foot race to to the bag.

The top of the order came through big time. Rick had two singles and a walk and scored thrice. Ed had three hits and reached on a error in the No. 2 hole. Jimmy pounded two hits, including a double off the fence, and Fred knocked in several runs with a key hit and a tricky fly that was dropped for an error. Kevin and Steve also had a couple of hits on the other end of the spectrum. The rest of us were, well, appreciative of everyone else picking us up. (Mark, however, is reportedly testifying before a self-convened grand jury. His only public comment: "I wuz robbed. I wuz robbed. And I wuz robbed again.") Jay pitched masterfully.

As the season progresses, I've become increasingly aware that encomiums are backfiring. Ed sends me a nice email about my line-drive hitting and I wind up dribbling ground balls. Mark talks about Jimmy clobbering the ball for three games, including last night, and he immediately pops up. I mutter "Arch Who?" after Ed makes a nifty over-the- shoulder catch and he proceeds to drop kick a grounder to the five-yard line (in the wrong direction). Clearly, a little reverse psychology is called for. 

In that spirit, I want to tell you that we suck so badly that I'm convinced that we'll beat Greenwich on Monday, as we have in the past, and go all the way in the title series. Francesca's (No. 2) was eliminated by (Casa No. 7) last night. Casa and 4 Corners play right after us for the other finalist position on Monday.

Rick is on vacation but it looks like we'll have a nice turnout for Monday's semi-final at 7:45. Please let me know for sure, however, one way or the other.

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